The speech genre gratitude in the Russian language


  • Svetlana Kraeva Senior lecturer of the Chair for Translation Theory and Praxis at Chelyabinsk State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia.


Speech Genre Gratitude, Beneficial Action, Reaction to Gratitude Expression, Communicative Situation


In this paper we consider the pragmalinguistic and cultural linguistic aspects of the speech genre gratitude in the Russian language and common factors of its development by dialogical interaction. The speech genre appears like the key mechanism for the human speech organizing. System approach to dialogical interaction analysis which contains three steps: consideration of the beneficial action, gratitude expression and reaction to it, aims the identification of culture- and social-bound features of the speech behavior, pragmatic conditions, verbal ways to express the feeling of gratitude and associated extralinguistic components of communication. Modern and obsolete, official and colloquial, evocative and vernacular as well as idiomatic expressions as an example for verbal realization of the speech genre gratitude will demonstrate, that gratitude isn’t an empty form, but pragmatically determined variable complex of speech acts and forms.



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