Oriental Pages of the Early Poetry of V.V. Nabokov

  • Рано Мирзахановна Сафиулина Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature, Moscow University for Industry and Finance «Synergy», Moscow, Russia.
Keywords: Nabokov V.V., East, Orientalism, Metatheme, Polygenetic, Homeland.


The article deals with the problem of Orientalism in the works of V.V. Nabokov of the early Russian-speaking period. In this connection, works are researched that imply the theme and figurative and artistic specificity of the East, oriental allusions and reminiscences in poems of the Russian writer of the first period of emigration. The relevance of the study is due to the need to state and highlight the problems of Oriental traditions in the work of Nabokov, as his oriental images, genres, style became a continuation of the Orientalism of Pushkin, Shakespeare, Goethe, Bunin, Gumilеv and at the same time, a new word in the artistic interpretation of the East of the 20th century. The novelty of the research is seen in the fact that for the first time in literary criticism, the problem of Eastern traditions is raised in the early poetry of Nabokov. It reveals the specifics of Nabokov's inclusion of eastern reminiscences in the texts of his works. The results of a comparative analysis of the “eastern” images and key lexemes in the works of Pushkin and Nabokov, Gumilyov and Nabokov are presented as a poetic dialogue and a roll of poets. The significance of this dialogue in the construction of Nabokov's poetic world is revealed.

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