Semantic Content of the Tokens Risk, Risky and High Risk in Modern Russian

  • Неля Стефанова Иванова Professor of Assen Zlatarov University, Burgas, Bulgaria.
Keywords: Risk, Conceptualization, Risky, Modern Russian Language.


The presence of certain stable cultural and national representations, some “mental pictures” similar to ours or different from them, is especially pronounced in the classroom when learning a foreign language. Without direct contact with native speakers, the source of knowledge about their mentality, national character and cultural scenarios of behavior is the studied foreign language. Risk is considered the basic concept of the universal picture of the world. It is analyzed as one of the main components of a person's ideas about the world, about the laws of its existence and survival in it. There is no person who would not risk it. Making any decision is already a risk. The cognitive risk perception scheme is based on the unity of opposite meanings: potential opportunity (threat) — its realization (danger); the need for action — inaction (and the hope of a fluke); positive development (chance, success) — negative development (failure). In the report, we consider the semantic transformations of the risk token and its 3 derivatives in modern Russian.

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