Similar Word-Formation Ways of Nouns in Russian and Persian Languages

  • Шахрам Хеммат-заде
Keywords: Word-Formation, Part of Speech, Noun, Existent, Producing Base, Derivative Word, Grammatical Meaning.


This article is devoted to the study of similar word-formation ways of nouns in Russian and Persian languages. In both languages, there are different ways of word-building, by which of them some new words are formed, but not all of them can be used in the formation of nouns. There are some extra-linguistic and intra-linguistic objectives to distinguish nouns from other types of words. The distinctive features of noun as a type of words are related to the features of the naming process leading to nouns, and to the role of nouns in the sentence. One of the difficult moments in the study of the Russian language by Iranian students is the correct understanding of word formation in the Russian language and their equivalent versions or examples in Persian. In this article, different and similar ways of noun formation in Russian and Persian languages are analyzed, and also an attempt has also been made to reveal new lexical and grammatical meanings, to analyze the word-forming function of new nouns.

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