Features of Teaching Russian to Students from the Republic of Angola

  • Екатерина Геннадьевна
Keywords: Spatial Prepositions, Value Preposition, Pronoun, Article; the Genetic Memory of the People; Globalism.


The article deals with the problematic issues of teaching Russian to students from the Republic of Angola. In particular, attention is drawn to the study of the topic of Russian prepositions. The author of the article conducts a comparative analysis of the meaning of prepositions «in/to» and «through/across» in Portuguese and Russian languages, highlighting their similarities and differences in speech. Among the reasons that cause difficulties in the perception of this topic, the author, among other things, points to extra-linguistic factors: national languages, place and method of resettlement of students, their social affiliation, cultural and linguistic features, and language picture of the world, worldview, culturally conditioned contacts, and the prevalence of the language. The presence of the above factors predetermines the teaching methods of this group of students. The article also discusses the impact of globalism on students and on the process of learning the Russian language. The features of syncretic cultures, the reasons of their origin and realization in modern cultural space of the world are noted.

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