Reception of Individual Stylistic Manners the Lyrics of K.D. Balmont

  • Андрей Безруков
Keywords: Konstantin Balmont, Reception of the Text, Poetic Style, Poetic Language, Melody, Rhythm, Semantic of the Text, Literary Discourse.


Identifying the features of the individual author's style is one of the most difficult procedures for the linguistic evaluation of the author's text. In article presents the analysis of the   language of lyric poetry by Konstantin Balmont from the position of receptive aesthetics, principles of structuralism, and hermeneutic theory. This research concerns the peculiarities of rhythmic and melodies of poetic texts by K.D. Balmont, which fixate the author's individual manner of artistic thinking. Analysis of the poems showed that K.D. Balmont nomination of poetic language uses as an effective form of realization of semantic potential. Consequently, the contact between the author and the reader are carried out both within the universal language system and is corrected by the contextual reception of the text. Also in the work it was determined that the poetic dominants of the individual author's style K.D. Balmont, his diversity and richness to a greater extent receives an effective fixation at the level of phonetics, melodies, rhythmic and sound organization.

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