The Protagonist's Search for the "Desired Lot" in the "Persian Motives" Poetic Cycle by S.A. Yesenin

  • Наталья Михайловна
Keywords: Yesenin, Dialog of Cultures, Shiraz, Ryazan Expanses, Persian Lyrics.


Yesenin perceived his contemporary Soviet reality as a tragedy of national life. Hence, followed his search for ways out, one of whom the poet saw in a dialogue between the cultures of the East and Russia. The book “Persian Motives” appeared in his creative quest as an aesthetic search for national development of the future Russia, and finds an Eastern path for it. The research was intended in order to reveal the poetic concept of "Persian Motives" and analyze from the viewpoint of cultural linguistics the evolution of the protagonist (embodying the cultural concept) who appears in the first part of the book as a Russian traveller charmed by the East, in the second part he becomes a wanderer and a poet fell in love with vivid beauty of the Eastern life and culture, and in the third section he is a poet prophesizing a new "Blue and tender", "blue and jolly country".

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