The Role of Phraseology in Studying the Russian Language

  • Стефка Иванова Георгиева Professor The Paisius of Hilendar, University in Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Keywords: Phrasemes, Cultural Code, Thinking in Images, Situation of Use, Intercultural Communication.


In this article possibilities of phraseology in studying foreign languages are considered; in this case, in studying the Russian language. The research of experts in methodology prove the necessity of using phraseology, proverbs, aphorisms and popular wise phrases as essential in learning a foreign language. By acquiring the phrasal unit fund, students get acquainted with the culture of the language as well. Many centers of human perception are activated through learning phrasemes. In this paper phrasemes are considered to be the most “culture-bringing layer” of the language. Phrasemes possess a wonderful mnemonic ability and they help remember as much information as possible. In modern globalization for professional realization, for adequate intercultural communication, people should be familiar with the fund of idiomatic phrases in which the cultural background of the language studied is encoded.

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