Aims & Scopes

"Issledovatel'skiy Zhurnal Russkogo Yazyka i Literatury" is a peer-reviewed academic periodical that publishes literary studies and  working in the field of Russian linguistics, its manifold diversity, ranging from general linguistics, comparative and contrastive linguistics, psycholinguistics, functional grammar, literature, comparative literature, linguodidactics, translation.
Published since 2011, the journal has served as publication outlet for cardinal names in Russian literary and cultural studies. The journal today continues to refine and broaden the field, by combining the work of talented newcomers with that of leading academics; and by welcoming methodological and disciplinary innovation.
All methods and viewpoints are welcomed, provided they contribute new, original or challenging insights to the field, or use insights from young research paradigms to complicate existing thinking in Russian literature.

The content of the article should correspond to the topics of the journal.


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