Persia in the K. Paustovsky’s Artistic Picture of the World

  • Татьяна Викторовна
Keywords: Art Picture of the World, Space, Time, Iran, Persia, Idiostyle, K. Paustovsky.


This paper is focused on the main features of perception and visualization of the space of Persia in the artistic picture of the world by Paustovsky, a famous Russian Soviet writer, the linguistic description of the spatial picture of the world which represents a significant research lacuna. As a result of the research 1) representation of the individual model of the Persian space, in which cultural space dominates; 2) Persian toponymic works and its functionality are described; 3) features of the author's visualization of the Iranian space are revealed: which consist in the complexity of spatial characterization; in the use of a wide coloristic range; regular interaction of color and light characteristics; tendency to intensify the reality perception. The main attention is focused on the essential interrelation of coloristic, spatial and temporal characteristics in creating the imagological image of Persia, illustrating the functioning of the color chronotope.

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