Near East in Russian Literary Reflections 1750-1850

  • Владимир Алексеевич Котельников
Keywords: Russian Literature XVIII-XIX, Near East, Oriental Themes and Motifs.


This article gives the review examination of some Russian dramatic and poetic works, travel books 1750-1850 containing the reflections of the religious outlook, culture, poetry, national traditions of Near East people. The earliest examples are showing: Afanasij Nikitin’s “khozhdenie za tri moria” and “khozhdenija na vostok” by Vasilij Pozniakov, Trifon Korobejnikov; also Ivan Peresvetov’s “skazanie o magmete-saltane” and others. The oriental themes and motifs, including Koranical motifs and details of the native nature and the local life, are revealing in the works of M.V. Lomonosov, V.I. Majkov, A.A. Rzhevskij, A.A. Shishkov, V.A. Zhukovskij, P.G. Obodovskij, D.P. Oznobishin, A.S. Griboedov, A.S. Pushkin, A.G. Rotchev, A.D. Illichevskij, L.A. Jakubovich, V.I. Tumanskij, M.Ju. Lermontov, Ja.P. Polonskij, A.N. Majkov, A.K. Tolstoj. There are characteristics of the travel books by V.G. Grigorovich-Barskij, D.V. Dashkov, A.N. Muravjev.

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